Materials Informatics Class Fall 2015

Below is a research blog index for the projects in the ME8883/CSE8803 Materials Informatics Class in Fall 2015. Click on a project of interest to navigate to the related blog chronicling the progress of each project, and feel free to contribute ideas through the comments or contact sections.

Grain Growth

The purpose of our project is to obtain a surrogate model for the micrsoctruture evolution problem during grain growth for Kinetic Monte Carlo Model. The development of this model will be done by employing the tools learned during the ME8883 Class. Observe the progress of our project by reading our posts.

Phase Field Models of Ternary Eutectoid Alloys

Microstructure pattern in alloy metals is highly dependent on processing of the metal. Slight processing variations can yield entirely different structures. This project will focus on the Process-Structure correlation of silver-aluminum-copper ternary eutectic alloy during phase solidification.

Structure-Property Linkages of Semi-Crystalline Materials

The polymer blown films for packaging application need to possess a combination of flexibility, toughness and ductility. Our goal is to find the linkage between the film mechanical properties and their geometrical features.

Microparticle Distribution in Slot-Die Extrusion Membranes

In the slot-die extrusion process, many changes can be made to the setup that affect the structure of the resulting membrane film and the location of particles within the membrane. The goal of this project will be to find a linkage between the process and the distribution of the particles within the membrane film.

LENS-type Additive Manufacturing Process-Structure Linkages

No description yet.

Characterizing Active Nematics on the Surface of a Torus

Active nematics occur when the individual molecules posess an internal energy source; this internal energy is then converted into motion such that the material is continuously driven out of equilibrium. Our goal is to characterize how defects in a 2D active nematic act in the presence of varying Gaussian curvature.

Al7075-T6 Particle Distribution Impact on Multiaxial Lives

Aluminum Alloy 7075-T6 is a peak aged alloy primarily used in aging aerospace vehicles. Our project aims to create a meta-model representation of the Structure-Property relationship of particle clusters to the Fatigue Indicator Paramters used to asses crack nucleation (extension into the matrix).