Grain Growth Project for CSE 8803/ME 8883 at Georgia Tech.

The purpose of our project is to identify the correlations that exist between an initial precipitate distribution and the final microstructure grain size distribution.

The simulation of the evolution of the grainsize will be performed using Kinetic Montecarlo Equations and the open source code SPPARKS. Kinetic Monte Carlo is one of the most commonly used models to simulate grain growth, if you want to know more about Kinetic Monte Carlo click here.

The goal of the project is to be able to predict with sufficient accuracy the final grain size distribution based in an initial distribution of Precipitates. All of this performed in a computationally and timely efficient manner.

The relevance of this project is based on the fact that the grain size of the finished part is extremely important since it defines a great variety of properties like yield stength.

The identified correlations will hopefully aid designers in obtaining an efficient tool that they can use as part of their design process since with this tool now they can effectively define the effect of a distribution of precipitates in a desired final grain size.

The identification of these correlations will be done by employing the tools learned during the ME8883 Class. Observe the progress of our project by reading our posts.